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S.O.C as a Service

24x7x365 continuous monitoring of your infrastructure to identify and mitigate attacks as they are happening.

With established industry leading Incident Response and Forensics capability, and working with a powerful SIEM solutions, your organization's network is in good hands.

•   24x7 Security monitoring

•   Threat Detection

•   Incident Response

•   Threat Intelligence

•   Compliance management

•   Security Testing

titan security soc as a service

Security Assessment

A cybersecurity assessment looks at your company's security procedures and its ability to address threats. Instead of using a checklist as you would for a cybersecurity audit, these risk assessments should be undertaken in the context of your organization's commercial objectives. This allows you to get a high-level view of your network's vulnerabilities so that security teams can start putting security policies in place to mitigate them. A security assessment looks at a company's IT infrastructure as well as its security policies and practices. It assesses:


  • Protective systems already in place

  • Security regulations observance

  • Vulnerability to cyber-attacks

  • Resilience in the face of impending damage


Security teams can detect flaws and build defenses using this integrated data.

titan security security assessment


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, exclusive knowledge constitutes a significant business advantage and a game-changing tool. The ability to obtain timely, relevant, and precise information and to draw the correct inferences from its analysis is essential for business development and success. Obtaining this edge requires superior intelligence skills and a well-planned and carefully executed research plan. Titan Security provides in-depth intelligence and due diligence for highly complex business situations and helps clients to not only identify business opportunities but also to gain a better understanding of their business environment whilst minimizing financial risks and uncertainty.

Offensive Cybersecurity

Offensive security is a proactive and adversarial approach to protecting computer systems, networks, and individuals. Persistent engagement that infiltrates and degrades an attacker's systems and infrastructure is becoming more widely recognized. Offensive cybersecurity operations, often known as hacking back, refer to a proactive attack on hackers in order to cripple or disrupt their operations and deter future attacks. Offensive cybersecurity has the advantage of blocking or preventing cyberattacks before they have a chance to compromise target systems or breach cyber defenses. In addition to affecting an attacker's behavior, the activities might also create doubt in them.

Offensive cybersecurity tactics discover vulnerabilities and security flaws before they are exploited by an attacker. Actively testing the network's defenses, offensive cybersecurity teams provide vital knowledge into an organization's cybersecurity posture. Threat hunting and penetration testing are two of the most successful offensive cybersecurity strategies (Pentesting).

titan security cybersecurity
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Proactive cybersecurity is what you do before an attack. When your cybersecurity culture is proactive your team is committed to prevention rather than simply to responding to threats. This means investing in a strong defensive position, educating your employees about good cyber hygiene, and planning for risks your organization hasn’t yet encountered. Penetration testing — hiring hackers to test your system — is also part of a proactive cybersecurity strategy. Essentially, a proactive cybersecurity team accepts that there are methods of attacks they may not know about. Then they commit to learning about and preparing for as many attack scenarios as they can.

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Reactive cybersecurity is exactly what it sounds like. An attack happens, and your team responds or reacts to the breach. The attack is discovered, the attacker repelled, the damage is assessed, and the clean-up begins. This is often the standard way we think about cybersecurity teams and controls. There is nothing inherently wrong with reactive security — this is part of the reason you’ve invested in cybersecurity controls — but when your entire security culture is reactive, that can be a problem. To be truly effective, your cybersecurity culture must be reactive and proactive.

Digital Forensics

The application of investigation and analytical techniques to obtain and preserve evidence from a specific computing device in a manner that is suitable for presenting in a court of law is known as digital forensics. Computer forensics' major goal is to conduct a structured investigation while preserving a recorded chain of evidence in order to track and map the sequence of activities on a computing device and identify the offender guilty of any lapses.

titan security digital forensics

Incident Response

A timely, planned, and methodical reaction is critical in any security issue, such as ransomware, to limit damage and reduce recovery time and costs. Titan Security provides real-time solutions to secure the security of your data and continuous company activities. Our Incident Response teams are skilled in identifying, triaging, and investigating incidents, resulting in a quick and efficient resolution. Whatever the threat, we put your safety first.

titan security incident response

Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting is a security role that uses a proactive technique, cutting-edge technology, and threat information to detect and prevent harmful activity. Adding threat hunting to your security program is the next natural step for companies eager to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity - one that tries to stop attacks before they cause too much damage. You can then go on the offensive after consolidating your endpoint security and incident response plans to mitigate the known malware threats that are unavoidable today. We are ready to delve deep and unearth what hasn't been discovered yet, which is exactly what Cyber Threat Hunting is all about.

cyber threat hunting
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